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All the different pieces of the SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage must not stand-alone but need to be integrated in a wider context to become powerful. For this reason questions of technology interaction is part of the research, covering a wide range of aspects from socio-economical questions up to system integration and modeling. Specifically the following fields are addressed:

Planning of storage development in the system context to ensure the sound evaluation of storages and bring this know-how back into fundamental and applied research.

A comprehensive sustainability assessment is achieved in the task ‘Integrated assessment of storage technologies’. It is based on the 3 traditional areas of sustainability assessment with a focus on cost and environmental indicators. The system level analysis will be conducted at the level of individual technologies and/or clusters of technologies and at the national scale for Switzerland. Here a collaboration with the SCCER CREST is beneficial.

Competencies on how to improve the flexibility between power, heat and fuel in the future are essential for Switzerland. To build up competencies for storages for flexibility between power and heat, ideation workshops with members throughout the SCCER to generate a new storage concepts by bringing together different storage technologies are organized.

The goal of ‘Storages for Flexibility of Power and Heat’ is to engineer an electro-thermal energy conversion unit based on the ABB ‘ETES’ ’ process. The unit allows converting electricity into heat and cold and vice versa via a combination of heat pump and right turning cycle process. The final goal is a product “energy unit” in different sizes that can be manufactured and sold globally by a Swiss MSC.

Building up competencies to early adopt, apply and produce storages ensures that Switzerland can profit from the full value chain of storage technology.

Further, the interaction with the SCCERs in Efficiency, Mobility and Grids to exchange competencies between those SCCERS and to avoid duplication.


Storages for Flexibility of Power and Heat

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Applied Power-to-Gas Systems

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